Way Out Games
CBS Saturday Morning, September 11, 1976 - September 4, 1977
Run time
30 Minutes
Sonny Fox
Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Valencia, California

Way Out Games was a game show.

Game FormatEdit

Every week, three different teams would compete in various athletic events and would earn points for winning an event. The team with the most points at the end of that day's show would come back on a later show to compete against other winning teams. Prizes and trophies would also be given to the winners.

There would be 17 weeks of regular competition, 6 weeks of Quarterfinals (with one Quarterfinal having only two teams), 2 weeks of Semi-Finals, and a Championship Final, with one match each week.

In the Championship finals, shown in April 1977, Oregon defeated Indiana.

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Episode StatusEdit


WAY OUT GAMES opening credits kid's game show CBS00:29

WAY OUT GAMES opening credits kid's game show CBS

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