Decision Decisions 1980 Pilot
Run time
30 Minutes
Bill Cullen
Johnny Jacobs

A pilot where a question is asked and all answers are provided, except the players have to figure out which order they go in.

This game's features would be implemented into the bonus game of Hot Potato also hosted by Bill Cullen.


The game was played with two teams of two (consisting of one celebrity & one contestant) and in two rounds. In each round, the team in control was asked a question with six possible answers. One member of the controlling team picked two answers for which the partner will choose from. The partner will then make a choice and a correct decision score points. After each choice, the correct answer stood pat, the first player picked one of the remaining answers to go with it, and the partner picked again. The process kept going until there was one answer left, after which Bill gave the order of the answers. Then play went to the other team.

Round 1Edit

The contestants picked answers off the board, and the celebrities made decisions. Each correct answer was worth one point.

Round 2Edit

The roles were reversed. For the celebrities picked answers off the board, and the contestants made decisions. Each correct answer was worth two points.

The team with the most points at the end of the second round won the game. The winning contestant won $500 and a chance to play the bonus game.

Bonus RoundEdit

The objective of the winning team was to pick answers from an all new group of six without choosing the bad answer (the big one). The winning contestant made the choices first and as soon as he/she missed one, Bill gave the second bad answer, and the celebrity partner took over. Each correct answer was worth $500. If at any time the winning team picked two bad answers, the bonus game was over and all the money won from the bonus game was lost, but if the winning team picked all the good answers, the winning contestant kept the cash and won a grand prize.


"MacArthur Park Suite" by Donna Summer

The win music cue was derived from Tic Tac Dough.

Celebrity GuestsEdit

Joyce Bulifant
David Letterman


Jack Barry & Dan Enright


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