ABC Primetime, October 22, 1953 - November 26, 1953
Run time
30 Minutes
Joey Adams
Carl Caruso
Hope Lange, Al Kelly
New York City, New York

Back That Fact was a game show.

Game FormatEdit

At the beginning of the show, a panel of judges was chosen from members of the studio audience. Then the emcee would interview another member of the audience about that person's life, family, job, hobbies and other parts of their background. If at any time during the interview the contestant made a positive assertion on an answer, the announcer would interrupt and ask the player to "Back That Fact". At that point, the player would attempt to prove, to the best of their ability, that the assertion was true. The judges would then decide if the player successfully justified or verified their explanation. If the judges agreed, the player won a modest prize. If not, the player lost the game and another player is interviewed.

Two or three audience members were chosen to be interviewed during the course of the show.

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Episode StatusEdit

No episodes are known to exist.


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